BDCTBlock Discrete Cosine Transform (image coding)
BDCTBradford District Care Trust (UK)
BDCTBest Demonstrated Control Technology
BDCTBase Defense Coordination Team
BDCTBolus Dynamic Incremented Computed Tomography (imaging)
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The image compression standard used here is JPEG [1], which contains three basic steps: BDCT, BDCT coefficient quantization, and Huffman entropy encoding.
With the establishment of the gTokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Centerh, the branch office of the BDCT and the gTokyo Employment Consultation Centerh have now relocated to the same floor of the Center at the JETRO headquarters, and all of the institutions are now able to collaborate in providing services.
Without the continued work, support and efforts of the following people, the project and this article would not have happened: Kath Shorey, Clinical Lead School Nursing; Alison Wright, Named Nurse Adult and Children's Safeguarding; Jo Groves, Bradford Hospital A&E Reception Team Leader; Tereza Szarbo, Administrator, Education Social Work; Neil Helliwell, BFD, Education Social Work Manager; Education Social Workers and School Nurse teams; staff in A&E at Bradford Royal Infirmary; Bradford Child Health Information Service and GPs in the Bradford district; and Sam Hirst, BDCT Communications Team.
In order to remove the noise which is present during acquisition we encode each BDCT image by applying the zonal filters [25] to the low frequency components and discard the high frequency components, which results in denoised image.