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BDDBase de Données (French: Database)
BDDBureau du Développement Durable (French: Office of Sustainable Development; Canada and France)
BDDBehavior Driven Development
BDDBody Dysmorphic Disorder (behavioral science)
BDDBusiness Desktop Deployment (Microsoft)
BDDBinary Decision Diagram
BDDBusiness Development Director (various companies)
BDDBlock Definition Diagram
BDDBusiness Desktop Deployment
BDDBehaviour Driven Development
BDDBusiness Development Department (Ukraine)
BDDBenefits Delivery at Discharge (US VA)
BDDBridging the Digital Divide (various organizations)
BDDBase de Défense (French: Defense Base)
BDDBantam Doubleday Dell (publishing company)
BDDBuckman Direct Diversion (New Mexico water diversion project)
BDDBackdraft Damper
BDDBureau of Disability Determination
BDDBefore Dinner Drink
BDDBefore Due Date
BDDBüro Destruct Designer (design application)
BDDBrachydactyly, Type D
BDDBachelor of Divinity Degree (Theological College of Northern Nigeria)
BDDBad and Doubtful Debts
BDDBaseline Definition Document
BDDBritish Defence Doctrine
BDDBinary to Decimal Decoder
BDDBounded Distance Decoder
BDDBase Development Doctrine
BDDBlue Devil Days (Duke University)
BDDBlanket Delivery Date
BDDBinary Digital Data
BDDBurst Detector Dosimeter
BDDBase-line Document Description
BDDBattlefield Digitisation Demonstrator
BDDBlock Double-Differential
BDDBuild Design Document
BDDBernoulli Disk Drive
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The combination of Cucumber's Jam and HipTest product lines creates the most complete BDD offering available in the market and positions SmartBear as a leader in the growing BDD community.
On psychometric testing, AM scored 37 on the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale modified for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD-YBOCS), which was interpreted as severe BDD. She scored 17 on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D), which was interpreted as moderate depression.
According to the authors, surgery is not the best course of action in these cases, because it will not improve, and may worsen underlying BDD. They recommend psychological interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and management of the disorder in an empathetic and non-judgmental way.
automotive industry and BDD is opening up opportunities for artificial
People with BDD often fear being judged, criticised or rejected for their appearance and may therefore avoid going out and become socially isolated.
Imane said that the impact of BDD on a patient's quality of life can be severe.
Cameras follow Liane as she meets Professor David Veale, one of the world's leading experts on BDD, who attempts to undo some of her deeply entrenched habits.
Celda de un compartimiento y tres electrodos, electrodo de referencia Ag/AgCl, electrodo auxiliar una barra de grafito y un electrodo de BDD (0 = 3 mm) como electrodo de trabajo, Potenciostato CH-Instruments modelo 1200A, controlado por un software de la misma compania.
and gt; BDD sufferers have a persistent preoccupation with a certain part of the body (common areas include hair, skin, nose, chest, or stomach).
For the EF process, a reticulated vitreous carbon was used as the cathode along with a dimensionally stable anode (DSA) made of Ti with a cover of Ir[O.sub.2]/[Ta.sub.2][O.sub.5]; for the AO process, a BDD electrode was used as anode, and a stainless steel electrode was used as cathode.
Thus, the objective of this work was to develop an electroanalytical methodology using the BDD electrode, without any preconcentration or pretreatment to determine Fenthion pesticide into Passiflora alata samples.
BDD occurs among children ages 2 to 16 years, although it has been reported in infants as young as 6 months and in adults.