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BDHBurani Designer Holding (Italy)
BDHBig Damn Hero (characters in TV show Firefly/Serenity)
BDHBoule de Haine (French: Ball of Hate)
BDHBirmingham Dental Hospital (UK)
BDHBarbie Dream House (toy)
BDHBrusthöhendurchmesser (German: Chest High Diameter, Forestry)
BDHBelgian Draft Horse
BDHBrown Daily Herald, Inc. (Brown University; Providence, RI)
BDHBearing, Distance & Heading
BDHBund Deutscher Haarformer EV (German Hairdressers Association)
BDHBund Deutscher Hebammen (German: Federation of German Midwives)
BDHBryce Dallas Howard (actress)
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We are responsible for the daily operational management of BDH CV and our remit includes the provision of estate management, financial management, partnering services and development and sourcing of potential primary care schemes.
Sitaksentan oral olarak kullanilan reseptor seciciligi ET-A icin ET-B'ye gore 6500 kat fazia olan bir ERA olup, etkinligi IPAH, BDH veya DKH ile iliskili PAH olgulanni iceren iki RKC'de (STRIDE 1 ve 2) arastinlmistir (24, 25).
A subsequent construction due to Boneh and Boyen gives an efficient (selective-ID secure) HIBE based on BDH without random oracles [5].
BDH Contracts Limited, in Seghill, was placed into voluntary liquidation and the Statement of Affairs indicated that the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise were owed almost pounds 55,000.
Phenol and polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) were obtained from BDH Laboratory supplies, England and were used as purchased without further purification.
Gulsen Bozkurt, one time BDH Health Minister but not re-elected for office in the 2003 elections, spoke to the need for an education system that challenges the way we currently think about the voices and capacity of women.
If you go to the package insert of a lot of drugs currently on the market and look for information on minority participation in clinical trials, what you frequently will see is the phrase, 'No data available,'" said Basil Halliday, founder of BDH Clinical Research Services, a clinical trial consulting firm in Ridgemont, N.
Ian worked for BDH in Atherstone in 1990, married Helen and wrote a column in a local newspaper on behalf of the local girl guides under the name of the "lone ranger".
She was the first woman joiner employed by the firm, BDH Contracts Ltd, and her arrival was hailed as a victory for women.
1] While approximately 7% of patients with Caroli disease ultimately develop a cholangiocarcinoma, BDH has only rarely been found in association with it.
All three chemicals were mentioned on suppliers' lists, none were available from local stock, and all three were described by BDH (1991) as "corrosive substances that can destroy living tissue.