BDHIBuss-Durkee Hostility Inventory
BDHIBearing-Distance-Heading Indicator
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Data from the participants were collected by means of a semi-structured interview, an evaluation based on their expectations and the usefulness of the program, together with the administration of the following instruments: SCL-90-R, IRI, BDHI, IPDMV, MCMI-II and CTS-2.
The mean life aggression scores of the present study, given in Table 2, are comparable to those from Buss and Durkee's (1957) original testing of the BDHI on college men and women.
He needs instruments--ones he can trust--the BDHI and AI, which are located right under his nose.
The BPAQ was developed on the basis of the BDHI in an attempt to improve its poor psychometric properties, and it has been proved to be useful in assessing a wide range of aggressive behaviours (Morales-Vives & Vigil-Colet, 2010; Santisteban, Alvarado, & Recio, 2007).
Thanks to less-than-adequate instrument lighting, I barely could read my BDHI compass card and couldn't see the DME.
This recollection was too late, however; our BDHIs started spinning as the flying pilot experienced vertigo.