BDHSBen Davis High School (Indiana)
BDHSBishop Dunne High School (Dallas, TX)
BDHSBeaver Dam High School (Wisconsin)
BDHSBrown Deer High School (Brown Deer, WI)
BDHSBishop Dwenger High School (Fort Wayne, IN)
BDHSBishop Donahue High School (West Virginia)
BDHSBurford District High School
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Since the BDHS data belong to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Bangladesh Government, a written permission was taken from all respondents in the study before starting the interview.
This study examined the factors affecting Bangladeshi women's intention to stop childbearing using the nationally representative 2007 BDHS data.
Again, the same results were obtained using BDHS and DOLS methods, but to save space, they were not reported here.
Individual weights provided in the BDHS data were used for descriptive statistics in this study.
Data from the 2004 BDHS reveals that a high proportion of women received no antenatal care at all (44%).
Similarly, results of analysis of data from the BDHS 2004 showed that children aged 0-59 months in the poorest 20% of households were more than three times as likely to be stunted as children from the wealthiest 20% of households (odds ratio=3.
Although the Sirajganj study areas were phased out in the early 1990s, data from the 1999 BDHS indicated persistent differences between Khulna division (where Jessore is located) and Rajshahi division (where Sirajganj is located), with the Khulna area characterized by higher contraceptive prevalence and lower fertility rates than Rajshahi division (28).
Data from the BDHS 2004 is in the public domain and was obtained through Measure DHS (10).
from BDHS reports, and the electronic data-bank developed by Partners in Health and Development (PHD), was also reviewed and interpreted.
The BDHS 2004 is the fourth survey of this type in Bangladesh.
Some respondents in the BDHS suggested fencing of ponds, while the common response in Matlab was to attach a bell to the child's body so that the mother could hear the movement of the child (31).