BDKBlack & Decker (stock symbol)
BDKBeans Developer Kit
BDKBig Daddy Kane (rapper Juice Crew)
BDKBundu Dia Kongo (French; Congolese political movement)
BDKBukkyo Dendo Kyokai (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism)
BDK(Java) Beans Development Kit
BDKBilan Diagnostic Kinésithérapique (French: Physiotherapeutic Diagnosis Assessment)
BDKBlack Disciple Killers
BDKBadly Drawn Kitties (online comic)
BDKBad Design Kills
BDKBusiness Development Kit
BDKBig Daddy Kool (Kevin Nash; wrestler)
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A favorite among pets, livestock and two-legged customers alike, BDK Feed & Supply and PRO Hardware has developed strong ties to its community by continually meeting customer needs and supporting its town in countless ways.
A couple of months later the jail was stormed by armed BDK members, Nsemi was freed from his prison cell, and he is now on the run.
The BDK, which seeks to revive the pre-colonial Congo kingdom, is mainly active in south-western Kongo Central province.
Until the changeover to BDK 2000 G, Jahnke used an electronic dosing and mixing unit to whisk sugar, glucose and water together, a mixture that was then added to the pressure dissolver.
BDK verte paskirstymo sprendimu medzio metodu naudojama priemonems skirstyti i pagrindiniu ir papildomu priemoniu paketus.
Barrie Williams, who has been with BDK for nearly 30 years, said: "This is an opportune time for a significant change to the business.
The new line's continuous dosing and mixing unit BDK 2000 A makes it possible to produce a sugar-glucose syrup-solution without the addition of water.
CRISIL believes that BDK will maintain its stable business risk profile over the medium-term on the back of its established presence, and its promotersA[cent sign]a'[not sign]a"[cent sign] experience, in the industrial valves market, and expected growth in demand for valves.
Leverage, while currently higher because of the BDK merger, is forecast to decline reasonably quickly over the next two years.
BDK Feed & Supply in Blanchester, Ohio, gets weekly visits from Circle Tail's newest puppy recruits.
BDK leader Hisni Saqiri told Koha that they will not participate in the local elections because the party has not gained enough respect for the concept for the country's federalization.
Tickers featured: AME, ASD, BDK, DHR, IEX, PNR, SNA, SWK, TFX, TTC.