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BDMBlack Divorced Male
BDMBackground Debug(ger) Mode
BDMBusiness Development Manager
BDMBund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls during the Third Reich, akin to Hitler Youth)
BDMBlack Dahlia Murder (band)
BDMBusiness Decision Maker (Microsoft Windows 2000 training)
BDM2,3-Butanedione Monoxime
BDMBunker Defeat Munition
BDMBanque de Développement du Mali (French: Development Bank of Mali)
BDMBund Deutscher Mädchen (female branch of the National Socialist Youth Movement)
BDMBueno de Mesquita (political scientist)
BDMBig Damn Movie (movie Serenity)
BDMBrutal Death Metal (music genre)
BDMBusiness Decision Management
BDMBrunello di Montalcino (Italian wine)
BDMBack Door Man (Doors song title)
BDMBanca Delle Marche
BDMBlack Drum (FAO fish species code)
BDMBlack Diamond Mine
BDMBrowning Double Mode
BDMBraddock, Dunn, and McDonald
BDMBomber Defense Missile
BDMBunker Demolition Munition (computer games)
BDMBlackened Death Metal (music genre)
BDMBachelor of Dental Medicine (accreditation)
BDMBanque de Données Macro-Économiques (French: Macroeconomic Database)
BDMBibliothèque Départementale de la Mayenne (French library)
BDMBanking and Debt Management
BDMBase de Données sur les Médicaments (French: Drug Database)
BDMBlock Data Message
BDMBlack Dog Machine, LLC (Idaho)
BDMBinary Delta Modulation
BDMBaseband Digital Modem
BDMBig Drunken Mistake
BDMBubble Domain Memory
BDMBulk Data Management
BDMBPSK Demodulator
BDMBinary Digital Multiplier
BDMBase Defense Measure
BDMBasic Design Manual
BDMBhattacharyya Distance Measure
BDMBroadband Network Module (Cisco)
BDMBackup Dependency Matrix
BDMBirch Defined Metro (rating measurement area)
BDMBig Dumb Mike
BDMBande Dessinée Musique (French comic book and music store)
BDMBusiness Destination Marketing
BDMbondage, discipline, and masochism
BDMBayesian Dependency Modeling
BDMBarn Door Mafia
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Internet and technology company FriendFinder Networks Inc (FFN) (Nasdaq:FFN) announced on Monday the acquisition of BDM Global Ventures Ltd, which owns the operations of JigoCity, for a combination of stock and warrants.
BDM employs 300 people in its two factories in Meerut, 80 kilometres north-east of Delhi, a major hub in the country's estimated 10 billion rupee ($219 million) cricket equipment market.
Before the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, the BDM was, Reese points out, small in size and obviously unconventional: members wore military-style uniforms and drilled in formation, just like boys in the HJ.
BDM is a specialist document management company which provides storage and scanning solutions throughout the North-east for clients including health services, local authorities, law firms and international plcs, some of which retain records for up to 30 years.
We have received several statements of support from other countries," from Luxembourg and parts of France, BDM Vice-President Stefan Mann told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper.
The BDM is similar to the BDA, for which take-down instructions appear in the DBI book on auto pistols.
The author's treatment of the BDM reveals similar problems between the ideal and reality.
We have previously shown that the drug BDM displaces the Arp2/3 complex from the coelomocyte edge and results in a retraction of the actin dendritic meshwork.
Crossware has developed a USB BDM (background debug mode) debugger for Motorola's ColdFire family of chips.
Hebei Pan Asia Long-Teng Paper Group chose Voith Paper to supply a 1100 BDM ton per day deinking plant for a new greenfield paper near Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.
Let's look at the case of the BDM Corporation, which trains the Sandi military.