BDMLBiophysical Description Markup Language (computing)
BDMLBooth and Dimock Memorial Library (Coventry, CT)
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The BDML urged anyone who spots mammals in trouble on the beach to contact them and request help on 01825 765546.
South Staffs chief executive Brian Whitty said that South Staffs would provide the 'methods of marketing' the new insurance products while BDML 'will provide the infrastructure.
BDML Connect is a general insurance intermediary and already provides and manages insurance products for groups like Honda UK, Vauxhall and Lloyds TSB Group.
We already specialise in the markets South Staffs have no experience in and we can deliver infrastructure support immediately', BDML managing director Sandy Dunn said.
He added: "Our Bridgend plant has recently experienced major restructuring, and it is due to the commitment of our staff members that BDML has achieved these targets.
Dr Oak Noell, head of operations at BDML said, ``The quantum leap award is in recognition of the effort, dedication and willingness of the entire team here at Bridgend to embrace change and improve our performance.
To win this award for a second year demonstrates the commitment of our staff members to help BDML achieve these targets and we will strive to obtain an even greater level of customer service and satisfaction, while maintaining the highest level of quality in the coming year,'' he said.
Dr Oak Noell, head of operations at BDML in Bridgend, said: "We have always been fortunate with the number of employees who choose to remain with the company over long periods of time.
WINNERS: The BDML team, from left, materials manager Meirion Evans, head of operations at Bridgend Dr Oak Noell, manufacturing and technical operations manager Clive Nicholas, financial controller Meurig Jenkins, and quality assurance manager John Harris
Pol's arrival at our Bridgend plant is sure to have a positive impact on the technical implementation at the company, " said Dr Oak Noell, operations director at BDML.
With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the IT profession and his ability to address issues such as stock requirements, distribution and warehousing, Pol will play an integral part in the shaping of BDML in the future.
It is a wonderful programme and I hope that BDML can continue to show its support of the bungalow experience in the future, " he said.