BDMLRBritish Divers Marine Life Rescue
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However, BDMLR medics were relieved to see the whales make it safely back out to sea once the tide had risen.
Post-mortems will now be carried out by pathologists, assisted by BDMLR medics, to try to determine both the cause of the stranding and how the whales died.
BDMLR director Nick Duthie said: "We are very concerned about how thin it is but dolphins will only take live prey and it would be impossible to secure live deep sea squid from out in the Atlantic.
BDMLR co-ordinator Andrew Ireland, the leader of the rescue, said seeing the whale leave was "fantastic".
The Sunday Mirror's inflatable dinghy was one of two boats used by a team of police, BDMLR and ports authority chiefs to guide and coax Wally close to the shore for treatment.
The grey seal pup we think is about three weeks old," said a spokeswoman for the BDMLR, who said it is believed the pup is a male.
BDMLR chairman Alan Knight, who said all the dead animals were common dolphins, added that in 20 years he had not seen anything like it before.
Doug Cartlidge, of the BDMLR, said: "This is the most difficult rescue we've had.
The rescue operation is set to cost the BDMLR up to pounds 100,000.