BDMMBanlieues du Monde Mauritanie (French; Mauritanian development organization)
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The bounding box denoted as BDMM (bounded depth motion maps), which tightly encapsulates the area of non-zero motion activities for all {[DMM.sub.v]}, is determined by four points {A, B, C, and D} as illustrated in Fig.
The differentiation between the BPoA and the BPoNA can be made by finding calculating maximum depth variation in each BDMM. We seek a window of an optimal size iteratively with an initial window size of ([2W.sub.r] + 1) x ([2W.sub.C] + 1) centered at C = ([C.sub.r], [C.sub.C]) for each [BDMM.sub.[nu]] as shown in Fig.
n is the iteration number and [N.sub.r] x [N.sub.C] is the size of the BDMM. That is, for the current window size ([W.sup.(n-1).sub.r], [W.sup.(n-1).sub.C]), we find the center of the widow ([C.sup.(n).sub.r], [C.sup.(n).sub.C]) using (2).