BDMPBerry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker
BDMPBirth Defects Monitoring Program
BDMPBoolean logic Driven Markov Process (Electricité de France)
BDMPBelt Dual Magazine Pouch (firearms)
BDMPBlood Derivative Medicinal Products
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Total branches production (BTP), branches total dry matter production (BTDMP), branches dry matter percentage (BDMP), total root production (RTP), root commercial production (RCP), commercial root percentage (CRP), root dry matter percentage (RDMP) and root total dry matter (RTDM) of sweet potato accessions collected in Vale do Ribeira, Brazil Accession BTP BTDMP BDMP (kg [ha.
The population-based estimates in this report represent an improvement over the hospital-based estimates from BDMP (2) because the source population for the denominator is defined on the basis of maternal residence at delivery.
Human Development, established the national BDMP in 1973 (4).
In the August 31, 1979, issue of MMWR, BDMP rates for 16 birth defects
During 1993, the BDMP monitored data on approximately 5% of all births, compared with approximately 30% in 1979.
The BDMP uses hospital discharge data on newborns gathered by the Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities (CPHA).
During 1992, the BDMP identified 67 infants born with FAS, representing a rate of 3.
Although the BDMP data are derived from diagnoses made by physicians during the neonatal period, and the sensitivity and specificity of the data are unknown, rates derived from BDMP data are likely to underestimate the true incidence of FAS.
BDMP data for 38 selected malformations were examined for temporal trends.
The BDMP functions primarily as an early warning system; however, it can be useful also for correlating incidence patterns with such trends as the temporal and geographic distribution of drugs, chemicals, and other possible human teratogens.
The BDMP data are routinely analyzed for 161 categories of birth defects to identify increases, decreases, or other unusual patterns of occurrence.
In addition, many of these diagnoses in the BDMP may be provisional, because these data are for newborns only.