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BDNBriqueteries du Nord (French: North Brickworks)
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BDNBase de Données Naturalistes (French: Naturalist Database)
BDNBroadband Distribution Network
BDNBois du Nord (French wood importer and exporter)
BDNBuffered Delta Network
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BDN chief operating officer Todd Benoit said he knew they had to find new revenue sources to support their journalism, and they could find it by creating a more affective digital space for advertisers.
This, Benoit said, will also benefit the readers because with more revenue the BDN can create the kind of journalism readers appreciate.
Dream Local Digital is helping to create the products and services BDN Maine is planning to offer.
BDN did hire a female doctor for Tajikistan two years ago, but she stayed only one year.
However, Ghulam Ali Muhibeyar, head of BDN in Daikundi, said the governor and other officials were entitled to their personal opinions.
Last year, BDN officials said the problem was that female doctors were not prepared to work in the remote province of Daikundi for the low salary offered to them.
Figure 1 illustrates the generic BDN concept, representing an integrated system of ducts and handholes.
Special cases include use of the BDN upgrade capability for communications only--an important category.
A flush mounted belowground utility box--or "handhole"--is an essential element in the BDN concept.
With more than 30,000 active brand items from over 60 industry suppliers who ship over 23 million cases per month, BDN processes more than 500 thousand inventory depletion records each month from over 850 wholesaler locations, and more than 9 million retail account records from over 370,000 unique on- and off-premise retail locations.
These factors have enabled BDN to consistently maintain coverage ratios that are strong for the rating category.
BDN management has continued to place a high priority on maintaining a conservative balance sheet, with reasonably low leverage, a manageable debt maturity schedule, a fairly low portion of variable-rate debt, and a large pool of unencumbered assets.