BDOCBase Defense Operations Center
BDOCBiodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon
BDOCBusiness Document
BDOCBiodegradable Organic Carbon
BDOCBed Days of Care
BDOCBasic Division Officer's Course (US Navy)
BDOCBig Drug on Campus
BDOCBorland Deployment Op-Center (software)
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In a subsequent analysis of all veterans newly enrolled in HBPC during fiscal year 2008, (5) enrollment in HBPC was associated with a 56 percent reduction in hospital BDOC, an 84 percent reduction in nursing home BDOC, and a 78 percent reduction in total inpatient BDOC, results similar to the 2002 analysis.
Including the cost of HBPC, for those veterans who received care from both HBPC and Medicare there was a 25 percent reduction in hospital admissions, a 36 percent reduction in hospital BDOC (including a 9.
The brigade headquarters as well as its BDOC and mayor's cell maintained a strong relationship with several local sheiks and mukhtars, regularly hosting them at dinners at the COB and in turn being hosted by them in their villages.
A BDOC and an air and space operations center (AOC) own some of these forces/capabilities but must also integrate forces and fires from other components and coalition partners.
Biomass activity and removal efficiency are more influenced by BDOC levels and temperature than by any other natural factors.
Depending on the type and amount of source water natural organic matter, BAC can be effective in reducing the levels of organics and consequently the resulting DBP and BDOC formed in disinfection.
BDOC management benefits can be grouped into 3 parts:
The ERP Working Group decided that the BDOC would be the base Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and, as the plan developed, more emergency management responsibilities were given to the BDOC commander.
Ozonation And BDOC Removal: Effect On Water Quality.
We call those that do BDOCs (behaviorally disruptive olfactory compounds)," Zwiebel said.
BDOcs leverages optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), bar code recognition and rules-based processing to locate and validate data on all document types.