BDOCBase Defense Operations Center
BDOCBiodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon
BDOCBusiness Document
BDOCBiodegradable Organic Carbon
BDOCBed Days of Care
BDOCBorland Deployment Op-Center (software)
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Including the cost of HBPC, for those veterans who received care from both HBPC and Medicare there was a 25 percent reduction in hospital admissions, a 36 percent reduction in hospital BDOC (including a 9.
Very importantly, HBPC is strongly associated with reductions in BDOC, total costs of care and high levels of patient satisfaction, whereas Medicare homecare has not shown any significant impact on BDOC or total cost of care.
Headed by the BDOC, the adopt-a-highway program addressed two desired objectives of the NLE strategy: hiring local nationals to pick up trash along the COB access roads to make the conditions for emplacing improvised explosive devices less ideal; and targeted temporary hiring of unemployed men from Al Tina to improve that village's ability to provide for the basic needs of its residents, improve the security of the base, and decrease the possibility of those men being recruited by insurgents.
Finally, the BDOC used its already scheduled counter-rocket patrols to deny insurgents a staging area to conduct attacks against COB Q-West and to engage with local leaders and the populace to foster a positive relationship of trust and early detection of insurgent activity.
The partnerships with the local villages resulting from the NLEs produced an additional layer of security for the COB because people in the villages were far more likely to report suspicious activity to the BDOC than they would have been without the engagements.
Within the transformed BDOC organization, an intelligence-fusion cell will provide the base-defense force with analyzed, vetted all-source information that drives effective force-protection decisions and operations.
When constructing a BSZ's GTO, the BDOC will coordinate with the special-operations and land-component forces operating in the areas adjacent to the zone to minimize risks to all forces.
Fielding a transformed BDOC will prove critical in this effort.
The ERP Working Group decided that the BDOC would be the base Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and, as the plan developed, more emergency management responsibilities were given to the BDOC commander.
Based on the findings of this exercise, it was determined that the BDOC would serve as the communications coordinator throughout an incident.
At approximately 1100, the BDOC received a phone call about a vehicle accident.
As the extent of the various injuries was determined, the incident commander relayed information to the BDOC on the radio and requested assistance from emergency services personnel.