BDPTBidirectional Path Tracing
BDPTBundesverband Deutscher Personal Trainer (German: German Federal Association of Personal Trainers)
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Some of the drawbacks of the listed techniques are: double ray counting error in SBR, incorrect result for multiple floor in BDPT, erroneous analytic reflection and transmission coefficient for corner bricks in BT, high intersection test time in BT due to considering all of the brick as a source after first Tx-brick interaction, use of high computer memory for complex environment in RF, increase of execution time due to the use of single list for storing cell id in SD, extra effort and expense for the preprocessing in PDM.
The comparison is made between the proposed technique and the SBR, BT, BDPT, RF, PDM and SD techniques.
MT] are the skipped objects due to mailbox technique BT R x N x O(M) BDPT R x N x O(M) RF R x N x O([log.