BDQVadodara, India - Vadodara (Airport Code)
BDQBande Dessinée Québécoise (French: Quebecois Comics; Canada)
BDQBrief Disability Questionnaire (psychology)
BDQBibliothèques de Québec (French: Library of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
BDQBody Dissatisfaction Questionnaire (eating disorders; Hong Kong)
BDQBowel Disease Questionnaire
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To determine the convergent validity of the PDI, the relations between the VAS and the BDQ were examined using the Pearson correlation technique.
There were no significant differences in sex ratio, education level, mean age, and BDQ and VAS total scores between the random subgroup and the study sample.
Convergent validity was assessed as a result of an examination of the relationships among PDI, VAS, and BDQ total scores using correlation analysis.
Comparison of the anxiety and depression subscale scores of the HADS, BDQ total scores, and SF-36 subscale scores between the two groups is shown in Table 2.
Infertile women reported greater disability on the BDQ and poorer functioning on 4 of the 8 components of quality of life assessed by the SF-36.
BDQ is an 8 item questionnaire, developed by the WHO to measure disability due to physical and psychological problems.
Most responses to items on the BDQ and SERFE were captured by category or measured on an ordinal scale.
Mann-Whitney U tests indicated no significant differences in BDQ scores between students in the DTT and control groups at baseline or post-test.
05 Table 6 Mean Student Scores on the SSRS, BASC, BDQ and EUT DTT Group Measure Pre M(sd) Post M(sd) SSRS: Social skills 65.