BDRPBankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (bankruptcy court)
BDRPBaghdad-Denver Region Partnership (Sister Cities International)
BDRPBrain Development Research Program (University of California, San Francisco; San Francisco, CA)
BDRPBiscay Dolphin Research Programme (UK)
BDRPBridge Document Retrieval Program
BDRPBiological Defense Research Program (NMRI)
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When you rst embark, you nd your cabin and then report to the BDRP desk where you're issued with a coloured pass.
The six BDRP bofns on the cruise are very approachable, and share your enthusiasm, no matter how many years they've been watching.
The cruise includes all the BDRP sessions, three nights in an ensuite cabin, four hours ashore in Spain and the use of the ship's facilities.
The document opens the way for arguments such as those raised by Jonathan King, Charles Pillar, or Barbara Hatch Rosenberg that the BDRP could foster the development of offensive weapons or encourage other nations to do so, thus spawning a biological weapons race.
Although any public health benefits are merely added advantages and not the direct aim of the BDRP, such gains do argue for continuing the program.
As conceived, the BDRP conforms to this convention and supports the mission of the American military forces to deter war and to defend the American population in time of war.
14) Both the threat of endemic disease and biological warfare present a strong argument for the existence of the BDRP.
The problem of whether the BDRP is morally legitimate revolves around the polarization of two extreme views.
One argument, posited by those critical of military control of the BDRP, suggests shifting responsibility of the BDRP to civilian control.
Such full, open, and unclassified disclosure would allow special interest groups the opportunity to "watch dog" the BDRP and would, to some extent, prevent a potential adversary from engaging in a biological arms race.
BDRP has recorded thousands of sightings on a single trip.