BDRTBattle Damage Repair Training (aircraft)
BDRTBFS Discrepancy Report Tracking (NASA)
BDRTEuropean Union-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table
BDRTBaby's Daddy Removal Team
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The BDRT Vision Statement reads brief and bold: "Lead, influence and shape supplier diversity excellence globally.
With enthusiasm and honesty, Ruben Taborda, BDRT member as CPO, Johnson & Johnson, and Alejandra Castillo of MBDA discuss the BDRT:
BDRT is not a group that markets a lot--that there were only 17 companies on board was a shock--and simultaneously everything was happening with health care: a lot of talk and not a lot of activity.
Latino Leaders: How does BDRT encourage huge corporations to do their share?
Ruben Taborda: Sustainability comes up green, the social aspect comes up second, joining the BDRT builds an aura for the company that CEOs and companies need.
My agency is very focused on moving onward--the BDRT lets them grow in size and scale.