BDSTBritish Disabled Ski Team (Inverness-shire, UK)
BDSTBritish Double Summer Time (WWII)
BDSTBritish Double Standard Time
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This motivates a faster Prim's algorithm-based heuristic called Center-Based Tree Construction (CBTC) heuristic [11], which improves OTTC by building the BDST from the tree's center, keeping track of the depth of each tree node and ensuring that no node depth exceeds [?
Building the BDST requires repeating this process through n - 1 iterations.
Firstly, after building a BDST using either construction heuristic, it is checked for each vertex v [member of] V in the BDST whose depth is greater than 1 (essentially covering all vertices that are not either the root(s) or the vertices immediately connected to the root(s)) whether it can be reattached to a BDST vertex of depth less than depth[v] via a lower cost edge.
Possibly due to the random nature of node selection, the initial "backbone" of the BDST often turns out better in RTC than in the OTTC and CBTC heuristics, leading to lower cost BDSTs when the diameter bounds are small.
The heuristic uses a center-based approach, building the BDST from the tree's center, keeping track of the depth of each tree node and ensuring that no node depth exceeds [?
As discussed in section 2, the greediness inherent in the OTTC and CBTC heuristics causes the backbone of the growing BDST to be typically constituted of short edges, thus forcing several nodes to be appended using long edges and thereby increasing the total cost.
Table-5: The calculated BDST model constants for the biosorption of Drimarine Yellow HF-3GL on bagasse (V=3.
It is important to mention that the BDST model ignores the intra-particle mass transfer resistance and the external film resistance such that the adsorbate is adsorbed onto the adsorbent surface directly.
An increase of the initial phenol and chlorophenol concentrations from 100 to 200mg/l, when other experimental conditions are kept constant, significantly affected the BDST model as illustrated in Fig 2 and Table 2.
o]) using the BDST model also increased with an increase in initial phenol concentrations as follows, 76.
The BDST model was suitable for describing the experimental data generated in the present study with very high correlation coefficients values.
6 Table 2: Effect of concentration on BDST parameters and correlation coefficients for the sorption of phenol and chlorophenol on commercial activated carbon Concentration 100mg/l 150mg/l 200mg/l 00 Bed sorption capacity (No) (mg/g) Phenol 76.