BDVBourse des Voyages (French: Travel Exchange)
BDVBund der Vertriebenen (German: League of Displaced Persons)
BDVBorna Disease Virus
BDVBrussels Definition of Value (customs duty; Brussels, Belgium)
BDVBorder Disease Virus (sheep)
BDVBreakdown Voltage
BDVBundesverband Deutscher Vertriebsfirmen (German: Federal Association of German Distributors)
BDVBureau des Vidéos (French video publishing company)
BDVBase Design Value (various organizations)
BDVBoom Defence Vessel (UK Royal Navy)
BDVBlowdown Valves (oil & gas production, engineering)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vienne (French: County Library in Vienne; Vienne, France)
BDVBulletin Dei Verbum (Latin; quarterly Catholic publication)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vendée (French library)
BDVBiologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology of Aging)
BDVBasic Distance Verification
BDVBudget Day Value
BDVBinary Decision Variable
BDVBanque de Vizille (French bank)
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The site is running since 2015 and is, advantageously, on roughly the same latitude as the BDV observatory.
With BDV Gesture Control, a clinician simply waves his or her hand to select the number and arrangement of video sources shown on the 8MP display mounted in the OR.
Trauma View is the latest addition to Black Diamond Video's BDV Clarity, a portfolio of enterprise-wide software solutions designed for enhancing workflow efficiency, communication and collaboration within the operating room and beyond.
BDV seemed to have transported guests to a corner of Paris.
To investigate whether small mammals, especially bicolored white-toothed shrews (Crocidura leucodon), which act as BDV reservoirs in Switzerland (1,2), harbor BDV in diseaseendemic areas in Bavaria, Germany, we screened 120 small mammals (53 from the family Cricetidae, 41 from the family Muridae, and 26 from the family Soricidae) (Table).
Various changes in the critical characteristics like BDV, Flash point, Fire point, UV response, Loss factor, Resistivity, Dielectric constant, Acidity and Viscosity were examined.
Bonny Doon was looking for a substantial plan that would provide genuine insights and provide real aid to BDV. We have senior executives in the program and the students average 15 years of business experience.
Epargyreus claws (Cramer) Silver-spotted Skipper Heliopetes ericetorum (Bdv.) Large White Skipper Papilio bairdii oregonensis Edw.
Among psychiatric patients in the group, however, BDV seropositivity was highest in younger individuals.
The alleged culprit, Borna disease virus (BDV), was first reported more than 100 years ago to cause a neurological disease of horses in Borna, Germany.
Black Diamond Video has designed, developed, and deployed an innovative solution for managing all of the required imaging within a Hybrid OR; BDV Gesture Control.
Sections (4 [micro]m) were cut from tissue blocks, placed on positively charged glass slides (Menzel Glaser, Braunschweig, Germany), and subjected to staining by IHC with 3 anti-Borna disease virus (BDV) antibodies: 2 monoclonal antibodies directed against the N protein of BDV (Bo18: provided by S.