BDVSBuckeye Digital Video Services (est. 1998; Akron, OH)
BDVSBoard of Distinguished Visiting Scholars
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By contrast, the BDVS monolithic system was managed through a single marketing organization with many fewer headquarters staff personnel, because the channel-management responsibilities resided with the field sales personnel in geographically assigned territories.
It is no coincidence, for example, that SACD is a full-line supplier of expensive capital equipment while BDVS manufactures supply items that sell at much lower unit prices.
By contrast, BDVS faces higher field coordination requirements between its direct and indirect channels.
In BDVS's system, however, the same distributors serviced the entire product line for both large and small hospitals, commercial labs, and a variety of other health-care customers.
BDVS's monolithic system can accommodate these variations in buying behavior from the same account, since customers can place orders either with one of a number of local distributors or with BDVS's salesperson, who then funnels the order through a distributor.
In BDVS's monolithic system, however, the same salespeople were calling on different types of distributors as well as hospital and lab accounts.
The compiled sequences of shrew 144 resulted in a stretch of 2,041 nucleotides (nt), composing the complete N, X, and P protein-encoding regions, as well as the 5'-untranslated region of the X/P transcript of the BDV genome.
In an experimental study by Sauder and Staeheli (14), rats persistently infected with BDV and naive rats were put together, which led to infection of the naive rats after cohabitation.
In conclusion, we postulate that shrews are reservoir hosts of BDV. Shrews also meet the criteria established for potential BDV reservoir species in a recent review article (9).