BDWBinary Double Word
BDWBlake Dawson Waldron (Australia; law firm)
BDWBroker-Dealer Withdrawal
BDWBig Daddy Weave (christian band)
BDWBanking Data Warehouse (IBM; financial analysis & intelligence software)
BDWBelgrade Design Week (Serbia)
BDWBrussel Deze Week (Dutch: Brussels This Week; newspaper; Brussels, Belgium)
BDWBiodegradable Waste
BDWBilly Dee Williams
BDWBarcelona Design Week (Spain)
BDWBlock Descriptor Word
BDWBusiness Data Warehouse
BDWByzantine Daily Worship
BDWBusiness Data Worldwide
BDWBest Destination Wedding
BDWBibliothèque des Dialectes de Wallonie (French: Library of Dialects in Walloon; Walloon, Belgium)
BDWBoundary Diffraction Wave (physics)
BDWBelow Decks Watch
BDWBig Daddy Wayne
BDWBroke Don't Work
BDWBrian Douglas Wilson (singer; Beach Boys)
BDWBrisbane Dance and Theater Workshop (Australia)
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Few BDW are browbeaten into demeaning jobs or roles, especially by men who believe they can schmooze, bully, scheme or old school tie their way to the top.
Held at multiple venues across the Greater Beirut area -- dubbed "clusters" by the organizers -- BDW will host a variety of events daily.
In order to validate the efficacy of the use of BDW to successfully irrigate landscape vegetation a number of parameters were established for sampling, testing, and analysis.
Each day BDW from the tower would be drawn into the main tank (Tank 4, which is a 640-gallon [2,423 L] tank); each day some of the BDW would then be delivered from Tank 4 into Tanks 3 (a 320-gallon [1,211 L] tank) and 2 (a 320-gallon [1,211 L] tank) (Tank 3 to hold the 75/25 water mixture, and Tank 2 to hold the 50/50 water mixture).
Do you consider your work at BDW and M+ an opportunity to put certain designers on the map?
Last week planners approved an application by BDW Trading to build 365 homes, including 89 four-bedroom houses and 16 with five bedrooms, on land at Merrington Lane Industrial Estate, next door to the Electrolux site.
The BDW version of the Nyblom test, which is used in this study, employs the score function directly instead of using the first order Taylor expansion in calculating LM statistics and thereby achieves a better numerical reliability compared to the version proposed by Hansen and Johansen (1999).
BDW also offers two-day Executive Workshops for advertising, marketing and other creative professionals.
US business information services provider IHS Inc (NYSE:IHS) announced in a press release the acquisition of BDW Automotive GmbH, a German IT and consultancy firm serving the automotive industry.
Cosma International, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, announced it has signed an agreement to acquire the four diecasting operations of BDW Technologies Group, Schwaben, Germany.
Ship's force personnel (at a minimum; Sentry, POOD, BDW, Duty Chief, or Duty Officer) should have found this damaged cable using basic submarine watchstanding principles.
Velocidades: CD-R/+ RW 40x/24x, DVD-R/+R DL 16x/4x, DVD-RW/+RW 8x/6x, HD DVD-ROM 3x, BD-R/ROM (SL/DL)6x/4x, BDW (SI/DL) 6x/2x