BDZBenzodiazepine (drug)
BDZBulgarian State Railways
BDZBase Delta Zero (Star Wars)
BDZBase Defense Zone
BDZBuffer Demodulator Zero
BDZBiological Detection and Warning System
BDZBasement Dwellaz (band)
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The next state support scheme provides for BDZ to receive hundreds of millions of concessions at Sofia Airport.
In the fifth decade of its use, BDZ is still the widely and most frequently prescribed drug.
To break even, BDZ needs to lay off 2000 workers, cut about 150 lines and hike prices by between nine per cent and 15 per cent, all by the year's end, under the Government's current plan.
A passenger train comprising the locomotive and three carriages will shuttle October 17-18 between Sofiaas Central Railway Station and the cityas western neighbourhood of Bankya, BDZ said in a statement.
The number of passengers using the services of BDZ in January-June 2015 dropped by 6 million from the rate in 2006, meaning that in 10 years the company lost 35% of its customers.
The crash was so severe that it knocked out the electricity supply along one of the country's busiest railway lines, leaving 14 trains stranded for more than seven hours while BDZ undertook repairs and tried to substitute the electricity-powered locomotives for diesel ones.
He said that the authorities had also drafted a scenario based on a failed privatization of BDZ Freight Services.
In June, transport minister Ivaylo Moskovski said Bulgaria will offer a 224 million levs interest-free loan to BDZ after the country won regulatory approval for state assistance from the European Commission.
Bulgarian railways company BDZ posted a loss of BGN 51 M (EUR 25.
The parliamentary transport committee decided Wednesday at an extraordinary sitting that no more trains would be dropped from the schedule of BDZ and the 38 trains stopped on January 12 would be restored, according to reports of Sega daily.
Bulbs functional signaling and lighting in TPC with LED - lighting systems for locomotives 40-000 series of" BDZ Freight services "," divisible by 8 lots "
Ginev explained that the management of BDZ would welcome any ideas for reorganizing train traffic by trade unions, NGOs and citizens.