BEABBritish Electrotechnical Approvals Board
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Hypothesis 2d: BC may have a direct and positive effect on BEAB
90 Table 4: Reliability Analysis of Data Latent Variables Cronbach's [alpha] BEAB 0.
For your chance to snap up one of the fantastic BEAB supplied Tricity Bendix cookers on offer, write down, on a postcard (or the back of a sealed envelope) the answer to the following question: What's the simplest way to ensure electrical appliances are safe?
Add your name, address and daytime telephone number and send (to be received no later than Thursday November 9) to: The Birmingham Post Promotions Department, BEAB Competition, 28 Colmore Circus, Birmingham B4 6AX.
BEAB (formerly Bofors Electronics) promoted its 9LV Mk.