BEAFBoundary Element-Associated Factor (genetics)
BEAFBowers Exploding Array Function (mathematics)
BEAFBellingham Electronic Arts Festival (Bellingham, WA)
BEAFBangladesh Educational Advancement Foundation
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La presencia de la cocina inglesa, por el contrario, estaba muy restringida, limitada a pocos platillos en las cartas de los restaurantes, como el beef teak, el roast beef y el chicken foot, citados de diversas formas ("beef teek", "rost beaf", "rosbit", "rosbif"), en ocasiones con el anadido "a la inglesa", y "chicken foop", en tanto que en los banquetes su influjo se percibe solo en los jamones de York de los fiambres y los filetes de buey de los asados.
Results showed that the prevalence of eradication with BEAF was lower in gastrectomized patients (GS group 2) than in non-gastrectomized patients (control group) according to ITT and PP analyses.
Beamforming (hereinafter BEAF) also needs weights coefficients, but these only depend on the transmitted signals and not on the received ones.
Mr Lavigne joins the company from the European Bureau of French Agriculture (BEAF) where he was Public Affairs Manager.
If I were to get together with other interested citizens to form Beef Eaters Against Fraud (BEAF), with the express goal of removing the flip-floppers from office, the Supreme Court says I can't do anything too effective.
While the pathogenesis of vitiligo is unknown (Majumder et al., 1993; Orkin, Maibach, & Dahl, 1991; Porter & Beaf, 1991; Schallreuter et al., 1994), an autoimmune hypothesis is favored.
The product of mauries composed of Oleo oil (from Beaf Fat) prepared from beef fats, milk, salt and annatto for colour, was rapidly chilled the partially emulsified mixture in ice water, separating the solidified fatty granules now watery of milk and kneading the solid emulsion as in butter manufacture to obtain the finished margarine.
The prices of other edibles including red chili Rs 210/kg, Daal Masoor Rs 134/ kg, Daal Moong Rs 96/kg, meat Rs 600/kg and beaf for Rs 300/kg would be sold in the open market.
The surfacing of news stories in recent past regarding supply of unhygienic and 'Haram' meat to markets and restaurants have rung alarm bells among masses who use to enjoy different dishes of both mutton and beaf.