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BEAK[not an acronym] crew nickname for the B-2 bomber
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Hairless dogs have imperfect teeth; long-haired and coarse-haired animals are apt to have, as is asserted, long or many horns; pigeons with feathered feet have skin between their outer toes; pigeons with short beaks have small feet, and those with long beaks large feet.
With your strong beak, break the knot which holds him tied, take him down, and lay him softly on the grass at the foot of the oak."
The formidable beak of a cuttlefish was open over Ned Land.
He would not eat worms or insects (which they thought very silly of him), so they brought him bread in their beaks. Thus, when you cry out, "Greedy!
He went one Tuesday evening to the tavern in Beak Street and found nobody there but Macalister.
"I struck metal, that time, and it nearly broke my beak."
"It is here," said the Adjutant, squinting over his beak at his full pouch.
Look at him perched on that branch wonderin' where it'd be best to put that twig he's got in his beak."
Then suddenly out of the whizzing, slate-colored circle a long neck shot out, and a fierce beak made a thrust at us.
The remaining land-birds form a most singular group of finches, related to each other in the structure of their beaks, short tails, form of body and plumage: there are thirteen species, which Mr.
slowly it floats more and more away, the water round it torn and splashed by the insatiate sharks, and the air above vexed with rapacious flights of screaming fowls, whose beaks are like so many insulting poniards in the whale.
On the tree of the future build we our nest; eagles shall bring us lone ones food in their beaks!