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BEAMSBrandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio
BEAMSBecoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science
BEAMSBreakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System (Toyota)
BEAMSBible Education and Missionary Service (Gulfport, MS)
BEAMSBoeing Employees’ Aerodynamic Modeling Society
BEAMSBoreal Electro Acoustic Music Society (Edmonton, Canada)
BEAMSBreckenridge Educational And Music Seminars
BEAMSBio-, Electro- and Mechanical Systems (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
BEAMSBathymetric Engineering and Management System (ports and waterways)
BEAMSBase Engineering Automated Management System
BEAMSBombay Endoscopy Academy and Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mumbai, India)
BEAMSBackup Emergency Alternate Management System (Sprint)
BEAMSBiological Engineering Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
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An enormous beam had just fallen from above; it had crushed a dozen vagabonds on the pavement with the sound of a cannon, breaking in addition, legs here and there in the crowd of beggars, who sprang aside with cries of terror.
It is impossible to describe the astonishment mingled with fright which fell upon the ruffians in company with this beam.
only one-third in weight was stowed "above the beams," we had a lively time of it.
The captain in his armchair, holding on grimly at the head of the table, with the soup-tureen rolling on one side of the cabin and the steward sprawling on the other, would observe, looking at me: "That's your one-third above the beams. The only thing that surprises me is that the sticks have stuck to her all this time."
As when a Scout Through dark and desart wayes with peril gone All night; at last by break of chearful dawne Obtains the brow of some high-climbing Hill, Which to his eye discovers unaware The goodly prospect of some forein land First-seen, or some renownd Metropolis With glistering Spires and Pinnacles adornd, Which now the Rising Sun guilds with his beams. Such wonder seis'd, though after Heaven seen, The Spirit maligne, but much more envy seis'd At sight of all this World beheld so faire.
Hail holy light, ofspring of Heav'n first-born, Or of th' Eternal Coeternal beam May I express thee unblam'd?
just as the sisters arrived here, a monotonous boy in a Scotch cap put his head round a beam on the left, and said, 'Less noise there, ladies!' and disappeared.
Away up the side of the North Mountain his little pine-log shanty projected from its single pane of glass a long, thin beam of light, and looked not altogether unlike a black beetle fastened to the hillside with a bright new pin.
The rest after me to find the beam!" They cheered--with shrill starveling voices they cheered.
7000 feet, dipping our beam to an incoming Washington packet.
Then, with a whistling note that rose above the droning of the pit, the beam swung close over their heads, lighting the tops of the beech trees that line the road, and splitting the bricks, smashing the windows, firing the window frames, and bring- ing down in crumbling ruin a portion of the gable of the house nearest the corner.
What tho' the moon - the white moon Shed all the splendour of her noon, Her smile is chilly - and her beam, In that time of dreariness, will seem(So like you gather in your breath) A portrait taken after death.