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BEARBerkeley Energy and Resources (Berkeley, CA)
BEARBasic Expeditionary Airfield Resources
BEARBureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
BEARBarents Euro-Arctic Region
BEARBe Excited About Reading (education)
BEARBerkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (Graduate School of Education University of California, Berkeley, California)
BEARBusiness Expansion and Retention Program (Montana)
BEARBerkeley Aerobot (UC Berkeley, California)
BEARBiological Effects of Atomic Radiation
BEARBeam Experiment Aboard Rocket
BEARBacterial Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance
BEARBuilding Effective AIDS Response
BEARBasic Education And Research
BEARBoom Event Analyzer Recorder
BEARBonus Extension and Retaining program (US Army)
BEARBringing Empathy And Relief (effort to collect stuffed animals to give to families of September 11, 2001 attack victims)
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'IF that's the case,' said the bear, 'I should very much like to see his royal palace; come, take me thither.'
The killing of a polar bear is very dangerous, but thrice dangerous is it, and three times thrice, to kill a mother bear with her cubs.
The third time that he thrust out the weapon there was a loud roar and a fall, and suddenly at his feet appeared the form of a great red bear, which was nearly as big as the horse and much stronger and fiercer.
At the time we are treating of, the grizzly bear was still frequent on the Missouri and in the lower country, but, like some of the broken tribes of the prairie, he has gradually fallen back before his enemies, and is now chiefly to be found in the upland regions, in rugged fastnesses like those of the Black Hills and the Rocky Mountains.
My man Friday had delivered our guide, and when we came up to him he was helping him off his horse, for the man was both hurt and frightened, when on a sudden we espied the bear come out of the wood; and a monstrous one it was, the biggest by far that ever I saw.
"It will be some five or ten minutes," said the Showman, "before I shall want a fresh Bear, and it looks to me as if prices would fall during that time.
With all his knowledge and bravery General Guph did not know that the steady glare from the bear eyes was reading his inmost thoughts as surely as if they had been put into words.
"I've seen rugs like that," said the shaggy man, nodding, "but never one made from a blue bear."
Why, it's a Bear, ca'n't you use your eyes?" He checked himself suddenly, as a harsh voice yelled through the room
And then of a sudden I realized that the bear was gone and that I was quite unharmed.
Come hither, deign to touch an abject wretch; Draw near and fear not; I myself must bear The load of guilt that none but I can share.
53-74) Them in Pieria did Mnemosyne (Memory), who reigns over the hills of Eleuther, bear of union with the father, the son of Cronos, a forgetting of ills and a rest from sorrow.