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BEARSBrown Electronic Article Review Service (moral and political philosophy; Brown University; Providence, RI)
BEARSBehavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
BEARSBonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings
BEARSBoeing Employees Amateur Radio Society
BEARSBerkeley Experiments with Accelerated Radioactive Species (Lawrence Berkeley Labs)
BEARSBuilding Energetic Alumni Resources for Students (Ohio Northern University; Ada, OH)
BEARSBatch Error Analysis Reporting System (Sprint)
BEARSBudget Entry and Reporting System (Virginia)
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Neither can we see the cruel bears, for they also eat the fruit.
In straying among the thickets they had beheld tracks of grizzly bears in every direction, doubtless attracted thither by the fruit.
As the bear is a heavy, clumsy creature, and does not gallop as the wolf does, who is swift and light, so he has two particular qualities, which generally are the rule of his actions; first, as to men, who are not his proper prey
The bears seemed unusually troublesome and determined that time, and as we clambered slowly upward beyond the highest point to which we had previously attained, the cold became infinitely more intense.
I bear no love for you or for your race, and there is nought that I wish at your hands until the day when I see the last sail which bears you back to your island vanishing away against the western sky.
His mind was running upon bears and boars, when, in the process of draining his glass to the bottom, he raised his eyes, and saw, for the first time and with unbounded astonishment, that he was not alone.
IF that's the case,' said the bear, 'I should very much like to see his royal palace; come, take me thither.
The killing of a polar bear is very dangerous, but thrice dangerous is it, and three times thrice, to kill a mother bear with her cubs.
It will be some five or ten minutes," said the Showman, "before I shall want a fresh Bear, and it looks to me as if prices would fall during that time.
Then the First and Foremost, who had resumed his hairy body and bear head, turned to the Nome and asked
I've seen rugs like that," said the shaggy man, nodding, "but never one made from a blue bear.
He thought he saw a Coach-and-Four That stood beside his bed: He looked again, and found it was A Bear without a Head.