BEARTRAPP3 Aircraft With Air Recon Package
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One of the technical premises for this concept was, needless to say, the successful development and diffusion of Beartrap and of fin stabilizers.
Thanks to the Beartrap (in later years, the Recovery Assist Securing Traversing, or RAST, system), the time needed for the second aircraft to take off was acceptable, to some extent, but it really took a long time for the third.
Nor does he emerge as the bad guy in BearTrap, a passionate cri de coeur by Bill Bamber, a former Bear senior managing director for derivatives, and literary agent Andrew Spencer.
BearTrap, on the other hand, is a first-person narrative essentially tracking Bamber's mental state as the solid world he reared and lived in dissolved and dwindled, more quickly than he had thought possible.
In BearTrap, all ignorance is "blissful" collapses and disasters are both "complete" and "utter" and despite the alpha-male milieu of the trading desk, fey phrasings like "all of Park Avenue is a-twitter with nerves about an impending disaster" pop up frequently.
But Bamber's immediacy makes BearTrap and House of Cards complementary.
Flip to page 132 of BearTrap, and you can find this speculation from Bamber and Spencer: "If Jimmy cayne had only had a crystal ball in those days, maybe things would have turned out differently.
Meanwhile, BearTrap turns the decline of Spector into an ecumenical novena: "Warren Spector had been named the sacrificial virgin who would die so that the rest of us might live.
Daisy officials say this eliminates the danger of nasty beartrap accidents.
They need to establish superiority in midfield where the tackles will be flying, with Cheick Tiote and Lee Cattermole the leading beartraps and, above all, remain tight and defiant at the back.
City tackle like beartraps and in Mikael Forssell and James McFadden possess two strikers who will test United's crumbling defensive wall.