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BEATSBetter Ethnic Access to Services (Australia; service provider resource publication)
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I will take care that your mother doesn't beat you.
At the right beat of the music he looked sideways at his partner with a merry and triumphant air, suddenly stamped with one foot, bounded from the floor like a ball, and flew round the room taking his partner with him.
Calling Adolph Myers into the school yard he began to beat him with his fists.
To his amazement Hook signed him to beat the tom-tom, and slowly there came to Smee an understanding of the dreadful wickedness of the order.
Twice Smee beat upon the instrument, and then stopped to listen gleefully.
Beats is releasing a redesigned and improved Beats Solo model, reports (http://www.
The CP Beats Store has over 100 beats for lease and over 50 exclusive beats for sale spread over 15 different genres; ranging from hip hop & rap beats, dirty south beats, R&B beats to rock beats and dance beats.
2 : to hit repeatedly in order to cause pain or injury <They beat him with sticks.
Any movement that incorporates the large muscles of the arms, legs and whole body can have a positive effect on a student's steady beat performance.
Temple beats Illinois and takes lovable coach John Chaney to his first Final Four.
The picture of young Black men, dressed in their generational Hip-Hop uniforms, hittin' to 'Da Old School Beats, reshaped, reinvented, and incorporated into 'Da New School Beat, smashes the wall between stage and audience, making 'Da Noise of the future and carrying 'Da Funk of the past.
As the signal travels through the heart, the heart contracts or beats.