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Subsequent to the BEAV acquisition, the company has deleveraged, driven by organic and acquisition-related revenue growth plus debt retirement, and its adjusted leverage decreased to 3.7x as of June 30, 2018.
(Lord Thurlow LC); Kellaway v Johnson (1842) 5 Beav 319, 324; 49 ER 601,
Consider Hunter v Atkins (1834) 3 My & 1C 113, 40 ER 43; Archer v Hudson (1844) 7 Beav 551, 49 ER 1180; aff'd (1846) 15 LJ Ch 211 (CA).
BE Aerospace Inc.'s (BEAV) second-quarter profit climbed a higher-than-expected 7.5% on higher sales and margins.
Fourth page: Yet another digest page, this one reminding me that the Times has a Web site, with video an' everything, Beav!
As he builds his case about collective psyches he sets us straight about talk shows, the Beav, 'splaining, Pravda v.
I vividly recall, after some thought, arriving at the conclusion: "That's so far off I won't have to worry about that for a 1 o n g time." In actuality, time only goes by fast if you're too busy to think about it, or you're looking back at it (I guess especially if you're like me and are older than Ward was when he was raising the Beav').
If Ward, June, Wally and the Beav moved to Sarasota, chances are they'd put down roots in Old Forest Lakes.
Henry flirts with suicide, Pete is drowning in beer, Beav has problems in love, and Jonsey is having premonitions that are freaking him out.
Although these texts do not appear to have played a part in the liturgy of the synagogue, many of them are related to the great feasts: Passover, Shavuot, Tish'a beAv, Purim, and the new moon of Nisan.
Hardly a week would go by that you didn't see June and Ward Cleaver sitting down to a meal with Wally and the Beav, or Samantha and Darren sharing their morning or evening repast, or Archie and the Meathead arguing over dinner while Edith and Gloria tried to keep the peace.