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BEBMbronchial Epithelial cell Basal Medium
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NHBE cell line (Lonza) from one nonsmoking donor was cultured in a bronchial epithelium growth medium (BEBM medium with SingleQuot Kit Supplements and Growth Factors, Lonza) on 75 [cm.sup.2] until 85% confluent.
Before stimulation, the HNECs were cultured in BEBM without hydrocortisone for 24 hours.
Cells were cultured on polystyrene T75 (75 [cm.sup.2]) culture flasks, precoated with a mixture of 0.01 mg/mL fibronectin, 0.03 mg/mL bovine collagen type I, and 0.01 mg/mL bovine serum albumin dissolved in BEBM (basal) medium for overnight.