BEBRBureau of Economic and Business Research (University of Florida)
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BEBR collected survey data from July until November 2007.
BEBR, supra note 54 at 368 (citing Case 61/65 Vaassen v.
For the news media survey, the BEBR attempted to survey a corrections or courthouse reporter from all 708 media outlets listed in the 1997 Florida News Media Directory.
De acuerdo a lo planteado se observa (Tabla IV) que en 1997 el error estimado se incremento 5,0g en JUPA, 4,0g en RUPE y 2,0g en CAAR, mientras que en las estimaciones de 1998 se encontro un error de 3,0g en MADI y 1,0g en BEBR.
1% Source: Construction Monitor, BEBR Utah Economic and Business Review Sales of Existing Single-Family Homes County Through Through Percent July 2013 July 2014 Change State * 19,858 19,408 -2.
3 billion in personal income annually and put tax revenue of $192 million into state coffers annually, according to the BEBR.
And BEBR further determined that 25 percent of convention attendees plan on returning with nearly three family members and friends within the next couple of years for vacation.
In fact, according to the BEBR, the average Salt Lake convention delegate spends approximately $889 during an average three-day stay.
Also, jobs on the fringe of tourism -- commercial airline pilots and food-management positions, for example -- rank well with nontourism counterparts, the BEBR reports.
The most startling discovery is the large sums of money being spent by out-of-state skiers," said Thayne Robson, director, BEBR.
The BEBR study shows that once people ski in Utah, they are likely to return.