BECCSBio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (greenhouse gas mitigation)
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Yet the premier BECCS project that is often referred to is an ADM corn ethanol refinery in Decatur, Illinois.
BECCS technologies figure prominently in the IPCC's recent Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), which focuses in part on mitigating climate change, but previous models examining BECCS deployment have not investigated its role in power systems in detail or in aggressive time frames," said Kammen, who serves as a coordinating lead author on the IPCC.
To remedy this, the UC Berkeley scientists used a detailed computer model they developed of the West's electric power grid to predict deployment of BECCS in low-carbon and carbon-negative power systems.
In most scenarios explored, the carbon offsets produced by BECCS are more valuable to the power system than the electricity it provides.
Sanchez noted that burning biomass as part of BECCS may have a greater impact on greenhouse gas emissions than using these same feedstocks for biofuels, solely because of the possibility of carbon capture.
149) A lawsuit blocked BECCS from being sited in that
district, (150) and so BECCS was temporarily sited in Building K434 in
students from BECCS were eating lunch in the nearby cafeteria.
EIS was used to inform the PEP's decision on whether BECCS should