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This paper will describe how and why BECM occurred and the issues that its use revealed and generated.
The BECM matrix as used in group assessment work in 2010 is shown in Table 1.
Like Symlog, the BECM matrix has evolved over the years, and there are a number of different interpretations on its structure and content.
* Most BECM matrices also have a summary column, providing a view of the combined behaviours at each of the seven levels.
The intention of the systems academics at the OU when developing BECM was to provide students with a coherent means to assess systemic behaviour.
Thus, BECM, as originally conceived in 2000, was primarily a means for students to learn about competence in their development as systems practitioners.
The (BECM) matrix itself describes the expected outcomes evident in student work in the four key areas of:
(Course Team Chairs letter to tutors, January 2001, the order of the four BECM elements is incidental).
The BECM matrix was derived from the action learning cycle (ALC) already described by Bell and Lane but refined by Zimmer.
Zimmer is using the expression of BECM here as a stage in progress towards demonstrating self-aware reflective practice, and this was the intention of the BECM matrix: to measure a students progress in this regard.
Since 2000, between 200 and 500 students a year have taken the third-level systems course and have experienced BECM as both a learning device (as a part of the ALC) and, simultaneously, had it applied to their work as an assessment method.
The ratings of the debt issued by BECM, which is guaranteed by BFCM, are primarily sensitive to changes in the latter's IDRs.