BECMGBecoming (meteorological charts)
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TAF HOUSTON/HOBBY, TX KHOU 181503Z 1815/1912 04005KT P6SM OVC010 FM181630 16008KT P6SM SCT025 BKN250 FM181900 20009KT P6SM VCTS FEW015 SCT025CB OVC120 FM190100 VRB04KT P6SM SCT250 FM190900 VRB03KT 6SM BR SCT015= TAF HOUSTON/ELLINGTON, TX KEFD 1814/1918 25006KT 9999 OVC008 QNH2982INS BECMG 1815/1816 25009KT 8000 -SHRA OVC010 QNH2980INS TEMPO 1817/1823 25012G18KT 6000 -TSRA BKN010CB BECMG 1902/1903 24006KT 4800 BR BKN010 QNH2980INS BECMG 1915/1916 20009KT 9999 NSW SCT015 QNH2983INS TX27/1821Z TN18/1909Z AMD 181437= LEFT: Compare the NWS forecast for Houston Hobby with the military forecast covering the same time for nearby Ellington.
BECMG (becoming) groups were retired a few years ago in NWS TAFs; however, you may still see BECMG in TAFs at U.S.
The FAA still has not acknowledged that the BECMG group is no longer used in the TAFs issued by the NWS.