BECTBureau d'Etudes Cliniques et Thérapeutiques (French: Office of Clinical Studies and Therapeutics; Paris, France)
BECTBureau d'Etudes et de Contrôles Techniques (French: Bureau of Studies and Technical Control; Paris, France)
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BECT subscribes to the principle that cultural and audiovisual matters should be "complementary actions" of the EU.
BECT also points out that Article 133(6) of the Treaty of Nice already recognises the prime power of the Member States: "If it is intended that Member States should retain real powers in terms of the common trade policy applied to cultural and audiovisual services, the terms of the Treaty of Nice enshrining the principles of shared powers and mutual agreement on cultural and audiovisual services must be retained in the preliminary draft of the Constitution".
Contractor for the scheme are BECT Building Contractors.
Designed by Chris Waterworth Associates, the new building is due for completion by Cardiff construction company BECT on March 17.
The hotel, which was built by Cardiff contractor BECT, opened in April.
The hotel, built by Cardiff contractor BECT, has been completed in 36 weeks.
BECT have delivered this prestigious project to schedule and to budget.
Construction firm BECT is close to completing a new pounds 20m hotel in Cardiff scheduled for opening this spring.
6% participation), 31 BN/ BECTs (100%) and 101 BN/BCPs of a total 139 (72.