BEDISBamdad Electronic Data Interchange System (Bamdad Computer Co., Iran)
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Creative team: Komal Bedi Sohal, Mansoor Bhatti, Reham Ibrahim, Umer Razzak
Bedi was a Punjabi Sikh who as a student at Oxford had met a woman from Derbyshire, Freda Houlston.
Freda Bedi memorably dressed as a local Muslim woman to enable her to conduct an 'underground messenger service' for the nationalists.
Bedi were the main patrons of the Cultural Front, and found that several Kashmiri poets and writers--notably the 'coolie poet' Aasi--were also actively engaged in the movement.
Bedi was given a post in charge of propaganda, but after a while there was a parting of the ways.
(11.) Freda Bedi, Behind the Mud Walls, Lahore: Unity Publishers, [1947], p1.
We don't have to go to Delhi, Mumbai to go to bars," said Bobby Bedi, a resident.
You discuss your work, you discuss what happened in your office in the entire past week and what all we are planning to do in future or whatever, so good thing to sit, relax, drink and have a good time," said Sonia Bedi, Bobby's wife.
On the one hand, you have a demure personality taking on the might of the government over tenacious matters that have dogged the nation for donkey's years and coming up trumps; and on the other is the 34-year-old from Manipur whose unique protest is going unrecognized simply because her persona pales in comparison to the likes of the Ramdev Babas and Kiran Bedis who are supporting Anna hazare's cause.
Which is why the wise-after-event chorus dished out by Bishen Singh Bedi and the like sounds boring to me.