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BEDLAMBureau of Extra-Dimensional Liabilities and Management (comics)
BEDLAMBarrage Emission Decoy of Laser Aided Munitions
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The bedlam increased as the animals were transferred from the wagon to a platform truck, and when the truck rolled up and stopped alongside Michael's he made out that it was piled high with crated dogs.
"But I don't want to be within a thousand miles of her when those fellers come aboard"-- indicating the bedlam of excited Greeks towing behind.
Tulliver," she observed as she sat down, "but I'm sure the child's half an idiot i' some things; for if I send her upstairs to fetch anything, she forgets what she's gone for, an' perhaps 'ull sit down on the floor i' the sunshine an' plait her hair an' sing to herself like a Bedlam creatur', all the while I'm waiting for her downstairs.
Slowly I worked my way to a corner of the room where I could force them to come at me only one at a time, and thus we fought upward of twenty minutes; the clanging of steel on steel producing a veritable bedlam in the little room.
And then from behind him broke a hideous bedlam of savage war cries and a score of shrieking blacks were upon them.
As Martin ran to stop the bedlam, he saw the world as an enormous, empty stomach, at the opening of which he stood, hurling in the feed as fast as his muscles would permit.
Back To Bedlam was similar in that I had been writing those songs for a while about my life experiences at that time, and they came together on my debut.
Carole Wardle, 50, from Hollingworth, who had just returned from a holiday in Spain, said: "It was just bedlam.
Bedlam Baseball returns when the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys on May 11 at 7:05 p.m.
The pace allows readers to probe Bedlam's secrets and carefully pierce the boundaries between safety and savagery.
In half a century of being round the political scene, I've never seen bedlam like this.
There is significantly less real history in the sequel, except for locations such as Bedlam, but the dinosaur battles are terrific and should appeal to teen readers with a penchant for action and suspense.