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BEEBlack Economic Empowerment (affirmative action initiative of the South African government)
BEEBureau of Energy Efficiency (India)
BEEBrett Easton Ellis (author)
BEEBuilding Energy Efficiency (real estate standard; various locations)
BEEBachelor of Electrical Engineering
BEEBasic Electricity and Electronics
BEEBlack Earth Ensemble (est. 1998; Nicole Mitchell)
BEEBasal Energy Expenditure
BEEBallistic Electron Emission
BEEBritish Empire Exhibition (1924-1925; UK)
BEEBusiness Enterprise Education
BEEBabson Executive Education (Babson Park, MA)
BEEBuilding Energy and Environments (civil engineering: University of Texas)
BEEBlack Economic Empowerment Group (South Africa)
BEEBerkeley Emulation Engine (Berkeley Wireless Research Center; Unversity of California, Berkeley)
BEEBureau Européen de l'Environnement (French: European Environmental Bureau; environmental advocacy coalition; est. 1974)
BEEBonne Ecole Elementary (Slidell, LA)
BEEBusiness Efficiency Exhibition
BEEBiomass Energy Europe (EU)
BEEBiodiversité, Ecologie, Evolution (French: Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution)
BEEBiometric Experimentation Environment
BEEBiomedical Engineering Education
BEEBusiness Environment Europe
BEEBabson Entrepreneurial Exchange
BEEBiotechnologie et Economie de l'Entreprise (French: Biotechnology and Economics of Enterprise; Paris Diderot University; France)
BEEBio-Environmental Engineer
BEEBureau des Etudiants d'Echange (French: Office of Student Exchange)
BEEBest Emulsifying Equipment (International Ltd)
BEEBachelor of Ecology and Environmental Science
BEEBundesverband Erneuerbare Energie eV (Germany: federal association of renewable energy)
BEEBand Edge Energy
BEEBehavioural Evidence Evaluation
BEEBearing Error Eliminator
BEEBlogging Environment for Eearning
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I should think not!" Melissa had all a sound bee's hereditary hatred against the big, squeaking, feathery Thief of the Hives.
"You had better fan out this corner for a little," said the old bee and passed on.
Be all this as it may: the course of our party of bee hunters is to make a wide circuit through the woody river bottoms, and the patches of forest on the prairies, marking, as they go out, every tree in which they have detected a hive.
I am the bee whose wing you healed, and would like to show my gratitude in some way.'
"You cannot see our Queen to-night," said the little bee, "but I will show you to a bed where you can rest."
To bee sur if ever I ave sad any thing of that kine it as bin
And may I represent to you that it's injudicious to say the bee? For the whole case is assumed.
The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, summer's in the air.
"Take out my straw and scatter it over the little girl and the dog and the Lion," he said to the Woodman, "and the bees cannot sting them." This the Woodman did, and as Dorothy lay close beside the Lion and held Toto in her arms, the straw covered them entirely.
I have, also, reason to believe that humble-bees are indispensable to the fertilisation of the heartsease (Viola tricolor), for other bees do not visit this flower.
bees are seen sucking the flowers, their pursuer contrives to
Now, while Masilo told this tale I had seen two things--first, that a little piece of stick was thrust through the straw of the fence, and, secondly, that the regiment of the Bees was swarming on the slope opposite to the kraal in obedience to the summons I had sent them in the name of Umhlangana.