BEECBonnyvale Environmental Education Center (Vermont, USA)
BEECBlock Entry Exit Checking
BEECBlack Economic Empowerment Commission (est. 1998; South Africa)
BEECBladder Exstrophy and Epispadias Complex
BEECBusiness Education Examination Council (Ghana and Nigeria)
BEECBovine Endocardium Endothelial Cells (molecular pharmacology)
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By contrast, BEEC measures a building's energy use against economic performance indicators to give a more complete picture of a building's productivity -- hence its overall efficiency.
BEEC data is currently limited to New York City commercial buildings.
Owners, landlords and sub-landlords who do not hold a current NABERS rating (one that is less than 12 months old), must apply for one or obtain a BEEC. Given that considerable information is needed to obtain a NABERS Energy rating, owners, landlords and sub-landlords must urgently ensure that they have access to all the required data and arrange for an accredited energy efficiency assessment without delay.
Kayla also displayed a dislike of ants, repeatedly stamping on an ant on arrival at BEEC. Kayla's mother, in her focus group, confirmed Kayla's dislike of insects and spiders, commenting that Kayla thought her "a strange mother 'cause I didn't kill spiders" but "caught them and put them outside".
De hecho, se estima que tanto en la generacion de electricidad como en los principales consumos industriales las cifras chinas son un 30-40% mas altas que los estandares de los paises desarrollados, lo que agregadamente supone un cumulo de ineficiencia equivalente a la quinta parte de la demanda total de energia primaria (BEEC, 2004; Wang, 2006).
He skilfully guided the ANC through the delicate intricacies and compromises of constitutional negotiations from 1991-4 and he has good connections with strategically important constituencies such as organised labour (which is bitterly opposed to Mbeki's current economic trajectory) and black business as head of the BEEC. In fact, it was in this latter capacity that he tabled a report in late April -- when the plot allegations were dominating the media -- mapping out an alternative, and much more interventionist, macro-economic prospectus to Mbeki's neo-liberal Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) strategy which has guided government economic policy since 1996.
Thus, by presenting abstract concepts in concrete, imaginative ways (BEEC), drama helps visitors make cognitive and emotional connections between the interpretive experience and their everyday lives (CA).
CONTACT: University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology and Research, Beecs Reproductive Analysis Core, 12085 Research Drive, Alachua, FL 32615/(904) 462-0864.