BEECBonnyvale Environmental Education Center (Vermont, USA)
BEECBlock Entry Exit Checking
BEECBlack Economic Empowerment Commission (est. 1998; South Africa)
BEECBladder Exstrophy and Epispadias Complex
BEECBusiness Education Examination Council (Ghana and Nigeria)
BEECBovine Endocardium Endothelial Cells (molecular pharmacology)
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BEEC data is currently limited to New York City commercial buildings.
For a sale of a qualifying commercial office building, the Act has only two requirements for compliance; registration of a valid current BEEC and compliance with the advertising requirements under the Act.
Examples include an obligation on the tenant to provide the necessary information to enable disclosure and who bears liability for compliance costs and ongoing costs of renewing the NABERS rating and BEEC.
Anecdotally, BEEC staff have known this to be so, but have not previously had supporting evidence.
2000; Chevalier, 2006; BEEC, 2004), en parte porque en su estructura ramal siguen pesando ramas intermedias muy intensivas en energia (que ademas presentan recortes en la intensidad de menor cuantia que el conjunto del tejido industrial) y en parte por razones tecnicas, tales como el pequeno tamano de los equipos, la obsolescencia de los procesos de produccion y la persistencia de ineficiencias operativas (Wang, 2006).
Beijing Energy Efficiency Centre, BEEC (2004): "China Medium and Long Term Energy Conservation Plan", National Development and Reform Commission, noviembre, www.
The contract involves the construction of a building, called BEEC, metal structure, pole and frame size approximately 25 m long, 10 m wide and 12 m high.
CONTACT: University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology and Research, Beecs Reproductive Analysis Core, 12085 Research Drive, Alachua, FL 32615/(904) 462-0864.