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BEEMBlast Effects Estimation Model
BEEMBuilding Energy and Environmental Modelling (energy-use software)
BEEMBeech Mountain Railroad Company
BEEMBond Equivalent Effective Margin
BEEMBest Evidence in Emergency Medicine (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
BEEMBallistic Electron Emission Microscopy
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Wherever BEEM has been used, it has had considerable impact.
The JPL group, for example, has used BEEM as part of a program to improve the quality of AU/GaAs interfaces.
Ithaca, NY, used BEEM to resolve a debate about whether regions of different crystal structure have different Schottky barrier heights in the [Si/NiSi.
BEEM could be used to write/read patterns placed at subsurface interfaces.
Without modifying surface topography, they burned the logo of Cornell's nanofabrication facility into a Au/Si interface in 80-nm tall letters using BEEM.
Similar experiments could be performed, such as reading patterns with BEEM that were placed at an interface using other tools like electron-beam lithography.
One of the most important issues concerning them is elecrical transport, which is precisely the type of information BEEM provides.
Though the applications emphasized here all pertain to the metal/semiconductor interface, it should be recognized that BEEM is a general-purpose technique for injecting low energy beams of electrons or holes into layered structures with high spatial resolution.
So BEEM can as readily be applied to quantum structures (e.
are marketing ultrahigh vacuum STMs with modified software and electronics to help users implement BEEM.
Bell says JPL researchers already have developed variations of the BEEM analysis technique, including ballistic hole microscopy and electron-electron scattering spectroscopy.