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BEERBuilding Energy Efficiency Research (University of Hong Kong)
BEERBehavior, Effect, Expectation, Results
BEERBureau of Entertainment Executive Rights (Liquid Generation)
BEERBeneficiary Earning Exchange Record (employer report)
BEERBasic Engineering Emergent Requirements (review of system requirements)
BEERBiological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiations
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As I toddled along, the beer slopped over the rim upon my legs.
Then Clever Elsie began to weep and said: 'If I get Hans, and we have a child, and he grows big, and we send him into the cellar here to draw beer, then the pick-axe will fall on his head and kill him.' Then she sat and wept and screamed with all the strength of her body, over the misfortune which lay before her.
They walked about the streets and the wooded hills, they drove in cabs, they boated on the river, they sipped beer and coffee, afternoons, in the Schloss gardens.
"A hair of the dog that bit him," he would say as he poured out the beer, carefully so that the foam should not make him wait too long to drink.
Boys, 'tis what he's been driving at these six months - our superior corp'ril with his education and his copies of the Irish papers and his everlasting beer. He's been sent for the purpose, and that's where the money comes from.
"A glass of beer for Lady Lydiard," said Miss Pink--under protest.
"And to think," said Musqueton, "that we have nothing to fight seasickness with but barley bread and hop beer. Pah!"
"Better not try to brew beer there now, or it would turn out sour, boy; don't you think so?"
Never's been drunk or sober in twenty years, and has never missed his six quarts of beer per diem.
In the course of the day he arrived at the plain of white clay, already mentioned, surrounded by the mineral springs, called Beer Springs, by the trappers.
Men with calloused hands and attired in garments that showed the wear of an endless trudge for a living, smoked their pipes contentedly and spent five, ten, or perhaps fifteen cents for beer. There was a mere sprinkling of kid-gloved men who smoked cigars purchased elsewhere.
"Stumps, you lout, you've had too much beer again to-day." "'Twasn't of your paying for, then." "Stumps's calves are running down into his ankles; they want to get to grass." "Better be doing that than gone altogether like yours," etc.