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BEESBuilding for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
BEESBrevet d'État d'Éducateur Sportif (French)
BEESBritish Epidermo-Epidemiology Society
BEESBallistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy
BEESBasic Engineering Estimating System
BEESBattlefield Environmental Effects Software
BEESBio-Inspired Engineering of Exploration Systems
BEESBuilding and Environmental Engineering Society (University of Strathclyde, UK)
BEESBattleforce EMI Evaluation System
BEESBasic ECM Environment Source
BEESBuilding and Environmental Engineering Society
BEESBruckner & Schroeter GmbH (Germany)
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Instead, he lay perfectly still, looking at her and listening to the army of bees that sang the sustained masterful song of labor above his head.
Ferko again proceeded on his journey, but he hadn't gone far before a queen bee flew against him, trailing one wing behind her, which had been cruelly torn in two by a big bird.
Yes, a hive," repeated the Canadian, "and bees humming round it.
On and on, over hill and valley, they went, chasing the gay butterflies, or listening to the bees, as they flew from flower to flower like busy little housewives, singing as they worked; till at last they reached a pleasant garden, filled with flowers and green, old trees.
The belts of woodland that traverse the lower prairies and border the rivers are peopled by innumerable swarms of wild bees, which make their hives in hollow trees and fill them with honey tolled from the rich flowers of the prairies.
If the stock had not been old and overcrowded, the Wax-moth would never have entered; but where bees are too thick on the comb there must be sickness or parasites.
The split and weatherworn rocks of the gorge of the Waingunga had been used since the beginning of the Jungle by the Little People of the Rocks--the busy, furious, black wild bees of India; and, as Mowgli knew well, all trails turned off half a mile before they reached the gorge.
The Sephalica, budding with young bees, Uprear'd its purple stem around her knees :
Forthwith there was heard a great buzzing in the air, and a swarm of black bees came flying toward her.
Next they came to a bees'-nest in a hollow tree, and there was so much honey that it ran down the trunk; and the two brothers wanted to light a fire under the tree and kill the bees, so as to get their honey.
The bees circle round a queenless hive in the hot beams of the midday sun as gaily as around the living hives; from a distance it smells of honey like the others, and bees fly in and out in the same way.
But the farmers did not like to lose their bees and so they tried to destroy me.