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"Ah, th'st think th' beest everybody, dostn't, because th' beest first favourite with He just now!
beest a man; take a turn round the back o' the hill to gain the wind on them; and when thous't got the weather-gage, thou mayst drive them before thee as gently as so many innocent lambs.''
It has been demonstrated that the changes in climate including temperature levels can cause changes in the geographic distribution of ticks and other vectors in new latitudes (Milner and van Beest 2013).
Harinck, F., Van Dijk, E., Van Beest, I., & Mersmann, P.
Their establishment on the Canadian prairies is relatively recent (Brook and van Beest, 2014), and thus we may have an opportunity to effectively manage the problem with science-based management initiatives.
Jane Whelan, Hilde Klovstad, Inger Lise Haugen, Mirna Robert-Du Ry van Beest Holle, Jann Storsaeter
Struijs MC, Schaible T, van Elburg RM, Debauche C, Te Beest H, Tibboel D.
These results are also consistent with prior research which has associated spirituality with increased helping behaviors (Benson et al., 1980; Kraus & Bastida, 2009), an increased capacity for empathy and forgiveness (McCullough, Thoresen, & Pargament, 2001), and increased charitable contributions (van Beest & Williams, 2011).
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But they also foment generous behavior in participants if they are encouraged to consider the opponent's emotions (see for example Van Kleef, De Dreu & Manstead, 2004) or such emotional states are directly linked to the offer of the proposer (Lelieveld, Van Dijk, Van Beest, Steinel & Van Kleef, 2011).
Some of his published works are: The Beginning Points in Practical Ethics; the Origins and Basis of Islamic Economy and the Book of Beest Goftar (20 Discourses).