BEGASBurgenländische Erdgasversorgungs-Aktiengesellschaft (German: Natural Gas Stock Corporation of Burgenland)
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The transfer was made as a reimbursement because former Begas manager Rudolf Simandl is said to be suspected of having misappropriated cash previously given by the same company, instead of using it for Begas projects.
Company spokesman Gerhard Altmann said no traces of the transfers to Simandl were found in Begas' accounting.
In addition, it was announced that regional gas distributor Begas, in which Burgenland Holding holds also 49%, raised its profit on ordinary operations to EUR 16.1 million from EUR 7 million.
Ms Begas said the survey showed an alarming change in attitudes towards sex by Irish youngsters.
Ms Begas said: "As a healthcare provider, Well Woman would like to see a stronger connection between accessing emergency contraception and a programme of holistic sexual healthcare.
Ms Begas added almost 6,500 women aged 20 to 30 years went for birth control in 2008 and just 3,500 did so last year.
But Ms Begas added emigration could be a factor for the fall-off in numbers.
But Ms Begas warned putting off appointments can have serious consequences.
Ms Begas: "Many women raised concerns about income security, including salary cuts and unemployment.
Ms Begas: "Leaving aside the 'Jade Goody factor', our experience is that women - who ordinarily did not prioritise attending for a regular smear - felt encouraged to do so when CervicalCheck offered a freely available programme.
Ms Begas warned many of these women may have sexually transmitted infections which are going untreated because they've been turned away.