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BEGGSBasic Electrical Generating Gyroptic System
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It's understood a sizeable chunk of that cash was paid to solicitors advising Beggs on his various claims.
Mr Beggs asked: "You remember Heysel, don't you, when 39 people, 38 of them supporters of Juventus, were killed after Liverpool supporters went on the rampage.
Twisted Beggs, 53, who is serving life for murdering and dismembering Barry Wallace, 18, was targeted by violent offender Daniel Hamilton.
It's an absolute outrage that Beggs can sit there and squeeze taxpayers out of their hard-earned cash and deprive victims of a level playing field.
Tesco worker Barry was picked up by Beggs on December 5, 1999, after attending a party in his home town of Kilmarnock.
SINCLAIR has told of his debt to Limbs in the Loch killer William Beggs in walking free after the World's End trial.
Beggs, 38, got life in October for killing Wallace, 18, cutting up his body and dumping his limbs in Loch Lomond.
Reporting directly to Beggs will be David Valdez, General Sales Manager - Mexico Business Development, and Brian Casey, General Manager of Mexico Operations.
Beggs cut Barry's body into eight pieces and dumped his limbs and torso in Loch Lomond, where they were found by police divers on a routine training exercise.
Now he has turned to Beggs for help after the Crown Office launched an appeal to have his sentence increased.
Beggs, originally from Moira, Co Down, is trying to have his conviction for murdering and dismembering 18-year-old Barry Wallace in Kilmarnock in 1999 quashed.