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Iranian Consul General Mohammad Baqir Begi, expressing his views, said that Iran wanted to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and negotiations for the purpose were also in progress.
Muhammad Baqir Begi, Consul General of Iran, Ali Yousafi, Director
Haghighi SHO, Begi HRM, Sorkhabi R, Tarzamani MK, Zonouz GK, Mikaeilpour A, et al.
In this connection, a program organized was attended by Iranian Councilor General, Agha Begi, Vice Councilor Hussain Jafari, Director Khana Farhang, Agha Yousafi including faculty members Dr Nusrat Jehan, Dr Shafqat Jehan, Dr Yousaf and others.
This seems to be an appropriate usage given that in Sezo mawa means 'peoples' (Bender 2000:179), in Hoozo moo means 'person' (Getachew 2015:2), and in Bambassi maw is used as an unparsable autonym for all four languages of the group--namely Bambassi /maw-es [??] a:ts'-e/ 'Mao language', Hoozo and Sezo /begi maw-es a:ts'-e/ 'Mao language of Begi', and Ganza /sowes maw-es a:ts'-e/ 'Mao Language of Sowes' (Ahland 2012:7).
Suleman - officially known as His Highness Beglar Begi, the Khan of Kalat - fled after he was targeted for speaking out against Pakistani military human rights abuses.
The "Arte Film Week" will close next Thursday with Aida Begi?'s "Djeca: Children of Sarajevo." Also part of the "Un Certain Regard" category of the Cannes Festival, this feature deals with the life-changing events that beset 23-year-old Rahima and her 14-year-old brother Nedim, both living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
However Baglar Begi Khan haphazardly declared the independence of Kalat on August 15, 1947.
While in Uzbekistan, guests visit the best-preserved cities of the Silk Road including Khujand, located not far from the border of Uzbekistan, for a day trip to one of the most ancient cities of Tajikistan; Samarkand, a city more than 2,750 years old to visit several sites including the Registan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is now the main location for UzbekOs international music festivals; and Bukhara, another World Heritage Site, to experience local hospitality with an Uzbek family and a folk-show in Medreseh Nodir Divan Begi. From Bukhara, guests will drive to Turkmenistan and through the Kara Kum desert from Mary to Merv.
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A name that has surfaced to potentially replace Wardak is General Abdul Rauf Begi, an ethnic Uzbek who is close to Abdul Rashid Dostam; his appointment would represent a Karzai move to further consolidate support from the Uzbek community, but could alienate the Pashtuns in the military.