BEGMBronchial Epithelial Growth Medium
BEGMBattleground Europe Game Monitor (video game)
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Aliquots (60 [micro]L) were mixed with 5 mL BEGM and added to BEAS-2B cells.
At 48 hr, after aspiration of BEGM and rinsing of the wells with phosphate buffered saline (PBS), the Transwells and media were removed from the 24-well plates.
6 mg BDS that had been sprinkled onto 1 mL BEGM in Transwells.
Three milligrams of BDS, without carrier or solubilizing agent, sprinkled on the surface of BEGM overlying semiconfluent BEAS-2B cells, elicited a time-dependent set of fluorescence responses.
of the clear BEGM into the liquid to form an opaque black suspension.
3 mg nonsonicated BDS sprinkled onto 1 mL BEGM were placed in each well.
When the same extracts were mixed with BEGM and added directly to wells lacking Transwells, punctate fluorescence was visible in cells by 30 min and in most cells by 3 hr.
Thus, it can be assumed that the BEGM would be saturated with PAHs in all cases and that the fluorescence responses would not vary with the amount of soot added to the system.