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"I wish you'd beg Archie's too, and be good friends again.
You are so ready to beg my pardon I don't see why you can't beg Archie's, if you are in the wrong."
Telemachus took a whole loaf from the bread-basket, with as much meat as he could hold in his two hands, and said to Eumaeus, "Take this to the stranger, and tell him to go the round of the suitors, and beg from them; a beggar must not be shamefaced."
The suitors applauded the bard, whereon Minerva went up to Ulysses and prompted him to beg pieces of bread from each one of the suitors, that he might see what kind of people they were, and tell the good from the bad; but come what might she was not going to save a single one of them.
'Those who beg in silence starve in silence,' said Kim, quoting a native proverb.
'Thus do we beg who know the way of it,' said he proudly to the lama, who opened his eyes at the contents of the bowl.
There is Sikandar Khan, Nur Ali Beg, and Farrukh Shah all heads of kafilas [caravans] - who deal there,' said the Flower.
Farrukh Shah is a bear, Ali Beg a swashbuckler, and old Sikandar Khan - yaie!
`I beg your pardon,' said Alice very humbly: `you had got to the fifth bend, I think?'
Instead of criminalising beggars, Ethiopia should use social protection programmes and policies to support children who beg. Studies show that banning begging is not the best option as it's a quick fix that doesn't actually address children's needs, or that of their families.
In general, beggary is described as a hierarchical structure, pyramid: those who beg on street, people who collect money from beggars and "leaders" who receive most of the revenue and organizes those involved in this activity (Kirchofer, 2010).
That's why he begs every day on the streets of Glasgow.